06.10.11, by Asko


Our friend, port wine guru Oscar Quevedo from Portugal www.quevedoportwine.com tells about his funny but unfortunate accident:

Oscar: “One of these Saturdays, we were opening a fermentation tank to make Port. On the bottom of the tank there is a kind of stopper, 1metre wide, through which all skins are removed. Guess what, I opened too much the stopper and had a full-body wine shower. Do not see this as a free peeling, but actually as a very expensive mistake, in which we lost some hundreds liters of wine”.

Oscar, your ports are all extremely good, so if you want to take port showers instead of water, please use some other ports, not Quevedo ports, ok?

Oscar was here in Finland with Viinitalli guys promoting his splendid port wines and enjoying sauna and other Finnish wonders. Later more about Oscar`s visit at www.viinitalli.com.



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